Direct marketing by SMS


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    SMS Looky for:
    - Your corporate communications
    - Get in touch with your targeted customers
    - Appointment management with your clients
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An innovative solution

Be opportunistic and make a good impression by using this innnovative communication tool

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marketing sms


new markets

Enjoy a direct marketing tool by SMS, an affordable and user-friendly solution

marketing direct par sms


the right consumers

Through this online direct marketing software, target the right people at the right time

sms marketing


with customers

Direct marketing via sms allows you to convert more prospects into loyal customers

sms marketing

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A simple, personalized, and interactive tool

With SMS Looky, working will be more simple, your offers will be more personalized and interaction with customers will allow you to get quick feedback

direct sms

Increase your sales

With this innovative solution, you'll be able to stand out among competitors and get immediate attention from customers. Direct marketing via SMS is a simple and efficient way to get in touch                    

marketing direct par sms

Prospect in real-time

Our strategies for direct marketing by sms have been designed to help your company grow faster. We offer a unique experience that will increase your working efficiency and your customer loyalty by offering personalized solutions.                 

marketing sms

Target your customers

We offer a turnkey solution at a key moment of consumers' purchasing cycle. By targeting the right consumer at the right time, you ensure an increase in brand awareness. Direct Marketing by SMS Looky, an effective way to increase your sales!